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In the city of the Gods and Hospitality just below the sacred rock of the Acropolis with is rare and unique vegetation is our Family hotel "BYRON" which is located on BYRON street.The street and our hotel are both named after the famous poet and phihellene Lord Byron.Lord Byron lived for a time in the monastery "Capuccino",where the Lysikratous shrine is today situated just up the block from our hotel.Our Hotel is only 100 meters away from the entrance to the new Acropolis Museum and 150 metres away from the entrance to the Acropolis itself.
Within the immodiate area one can easily visit 1.The ancient Athenian market place 2.The ancient Roman market place 3.The Philopappous hill 4.The ancient Theater Herodion 5. The Thisseion 6.The most ancient of all theaters "Dionysos" 7.The temple of Zeus 8.The national gardens 9. The Arditon hill 10.The Kalimarmaro stadium the first olympic games take place 1896.
Whe are 50 metres from Acropolis metro station

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